Let's look at MHRwriter company and its pros and cons

MHRWriter services

MHRWriter.co.uk is a writing service company that claims to produce all kinds of academic writing. However, chances are that this company is not so honest with its customers, but we will talk about that in the following paragraphs.

Because many wondered if it is safe to order from this company, I decided to write a review regarding its seriousness. In order to do so, I checked the Internet for some customer reviews, searched for a sample of writing, looked for some testimonials on MHRwriter and compared this company’s prices with its opponents. The result is as it follows.


The Services

Like I said earlier, MHRWriter.co.uk argues that it offers quality academic writing products. Still, it is hard to use the word quality when referring to a product from this company, since all the reviews that I found were negative.

In terms of location, it is impossible to say exactly where this company is situated. The fact that they use a UK telephone number doesn’t mean anything because they don’t give any specific information about their location.

Moreover, if you look at their website, you will most likely think that the content is not written by native English speakers. Therefore, I believe that MHR Writer is probably a foreign company. However, they pride themselves on being present in this business since 2009.

More details regarding services provided by this company, can be found in this video review


The Quality of the Products

From what I was able to find on the Internet, the customers are disappointed by the quality of the services they received. This makes me think that this company’s writers are unqualified and inexperienced.

Moreover, I’m pretty sure that they are not native English writers. So, if you want an A+ academic essay, then you may want to check for another company’s services because this one cannot help you in any way.

Since the reviews are so negative, let’s try and turn our heads to the customer support service. Hopefully, maybe they can clear out our problems.

In terms of customer service, I can say that MHRWriter.co.uk has quite friendly operators or so it seems. They are communicative and very polite at the beginning when you are ordering a product. However, if you contact them after you receive the essay and you tell them the quality is very poor, they will completely change their attitude.

Also, don’t expect to have your essay revised after you receive it. The customer support will miraculously disappear after you get your paper. Many “technical problems” will appear out of nowhere, and it would become impossible for the operators to assist you.


Prices and Discounts

The prices of this company are on the high side. If you want a normal academic essay, it will cost you no more than 17 dollars per page. However, these prices are inflated in my opinion and don’t deserve a shot. 

The quality of the products is highly criticized by every former customer and I agree with them. In addition to this, this company doesn’t have a money-back policy, so you can say bye bye to your money if you are not pleased with the final product.

In terms of discounts, MHR writer has some coupon codes, and if you are a new customer, you will receive a 20% promo code. It’s not worth it though.



Unfortunately, MHRWriter.co.uk is not a writing service company to deserve a recommendation, because it has all the ingredients to be considered incapable. The low rating and the bad reviews are all true.


Moreover, if you add to this list the fact that it has a suspicious unknown location, you will probably understand why this company is one to keep away from.